Thursday, August 10, 2006

One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor

I woke up this morning at 5 and dragged myself out of bed after a very long day yesterday to find that there may have been another plot to blow up jet liners and that we are either on Code Red or Code Orange. (It seems to depend on who you listen to.)

I was happy to note that we were not being bombed into the Stone Age, as Lebanon is, with our help and full support. But then, perhaps that is why there is another plot to do us harm.

We have too much power. We sit back and call the bombing of civilians “birth pains” but go absolutely ape shit if someone gets pissed off enough to take exception to that and plot some form of retaliation.

We are an arrogant and ignorant nation of fools being directed by self centered ideologues and “informed” by cynical sleight of hand charlatans who have the nerve to call themselves a “free press.”

We have an energy problem. We have health care crises. We have a military industrial complex and a prison industrial complex that are out of control. We also seem to have an empathy deficit.

Once again; or maybe I should say, as always; we are killing people in other countries either directly and/or indirectly and we all go on about our business and barely skip a beat. There are bills to pay and things to buy and whatnot we need to do.

That’s what we do, we go about our business. So what is a pissed off victim of US policy to do? There is no doubt he has no voice in this country. We barely acknowledge his existence let alone listen to his cries of grief and anger. With little power or voice one of the options is to visit the violence we foisted on him and his people on us. We in turn make that as difficult as we can.

The victims of US policy will find a way to retaliate. I am not saying this is a good thing but I think it is inevitable. Selfish consumerism, lack of empathy and, in too many cases naked greed have led us to this new world of armed fortress mentality combined with armed military invasion.

Nothing good will come from this unless there is a major sea change. All of this violence is the natural result of over a century of American expansionism driven by corporate greed. It is actually hard to imagine America as anything else but a selfish bully.

We've had predecessors. What King Leopold did to the Congo is just one example. Some of these European countries changed their policies. I wonder if we can. I doubt it.

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