Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oil War in Lebanon?

At first I was shocked that Israel decided to bomb Lebanon and kill civilians and destroy its infrastructure in the name of disarming Hezbollah. I was shocked that the United States is willing to let it happen. Shocked that Europe, for the most part, is standing by.

Don’t get me wrong, I am angry. I am just no longer shocked.

No, I do not believe that Hezbollah should be kidnapping soldiers and no I don’t believe the Palestinians should be kidnapping soldiers.

There is no high moral ground here on either side.

It appears that each side in this confrontation is setting each other and themselves up for retribution and retaliation. It seems likely that Iran urged Hezbollah to attack when it did, July 12, to take some heat off of itself and the sanctions deadline. The sanctions deadline, on the other hand is yet another form of provocation. As is, of course, the desire of Iran to have nuclear weapons.

We can go back and back and back. The US does not, it seems, attack countries with nuclear weapons therefore it appears the best course of action for Iran would be to attain them. George Bush put Iran on notice after 911 that he considers Iran a target of the US. And we all know the rhetoric coming out of Iran since the Islamic Revolution. Some of us, of course know about the overthrow in 1953 of Mossadeq in Iran by the CIA and Kermit Roosevelt (the grandson of Teddy) because of the nationalization of the oil in Iran.

This destruction of Lebanon is all about oil even though there is not one drop of it in the ground. This is ultimately a war between Islamic Religious Fundamentalists and Robber Barron Capitalists. The Jews in Israel are just being used as surrogates by oil men the corporate media totally ignore.

Domination of the Middle East by the US and its ally, Israel, is all that matters to them and destroying a tiny nation is just a part of doing business.

We will be going to war with Syria and Iran. It is not a matter of “if” it is a matter of “when.”

What happens after that can not be foreseen but it will make us all long for the brighter days of the Iraq insurgency.

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