Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Did George Bush steal the Election in Mexico?

This may at first glance seem like a ridiculous question, but it is far from it. FBI files clearly show that Bush contracted with Choice Point, the company responsible for scrubbing African Americans from the voting roles in Florida in 2000, to glean information about voters not only in Mexico but in almost all South American countries.

Guess what? Several left leaning voters were told they were not on the voting lists when they went to the polls two Sundays ago. Ballot box stuffing is on video tape and a leading University professor says that the results are a “statistical miracle.” Not only was Andres Manuel López Obrador leading by 2% until the very end when suddenly the final votes came in 100 to one in favor of Calderon, but four million votes remain uncounted.

You can watch a video made by Greg Palast on Democracy Now! HERE. Greg Palast has done extensive reporting in the U.K. on what happened in Florida only to be blacked out by the U.S. News media. He is from New York.

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