Monday, May 29, 2006

Sometimes I write some of my better posts when I am furious. John Doe was commenting on Crooks and Liars today and fired this off. We tend, sometimes to forget all the strange things surrounding 9/11. There was just so much! But I will let John Doe's words speak for themselves. I post this with his permission.

I edited this for a few spelling errors.


You know what changed on 9/11? We ceased to be a nation of laws and became a dictatorship governed by a criminal racketeering enterprise hellbent on political expediency.Think about it. The worst crimes ever inflicted on American soil in an American city on American civilians in the history of the US and there was NO CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. All we got was a serendipitous story and summary judgment and a lapdog press tripping over itself to print the legend. Never mind that the government's story is totally full of holes. Never mind that the government obstructed full Congressional investigations, criminal investigations and intimidated the Joint Intelligence Committee. Never mind that there wasn't a single subpoena for information that the government refused to provide to the People. Never mind that massive amounts of criminal evidence was destroyed. Never mind that witnesses were gagged. Never mind that to this day the government has refused to explain why 5 of the alleged hijackers were enrolled at secure US military training installations. Never mind why the government has refused to explain there were 5 war games occurring simultaneous to the attacks. Never mind that the government has not complied with FOIA requests. Just blindly believe the bullshit that they tell you. Kill for the bullshit that they tell you. Hate for the bullshit that they tell you. Trash your cherished liberties for the bullshit that they tell you.What changed on 9/11? Perhaps nothing changed. Perhaps it was just a wake up call to the cowardice and stupidity of America. They still can't talk about anything without predicating it on the bullshit that the government told you. That's how hopelessly brainwashed, worthless and weak America is. Morons with big guns.

John Doe 05.29.06 - 8:19 pm #

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