Friday, May 26, 2006

I live in a Dictatorship

Not much has changed, really. I still have no one in Congress who knows my name or cares about what I need. I still work hard and can not get ahead. I still do not have health insurance. I still fear living on the streets.

I do not know which country we will invade next, even though I can guess. The media is still lying to me. The President is still lying to me. I am still being told to buy the “right” clothes, the “right” deodorant, and the “right” car.

I am still being told who to associate myself with. I am told who to hate and who to love.

My vote still counts just as much.

I am judged by what I wear, how I cut my hair and who I spend time with.

I am still in debt. I still pay car insurance. I still pay for every mistake I ever made.

My country still kills people in my name. It still does what it wants with or without my approval. It never asks me what I think. It does not care.

Not much has changed.

Torture Awareness Month
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