Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Modest Proposal

I have been asked to come up with a viable suggestion on how to protest this President, this war, the scandals, the rape of the US Constitution and the assault on our rights as Americans. It has been noted by many that when mass demonstrations occur “Free Speech Zones” are set up so no one can be heard.

I have a modest proposal. It may sound to some to be a little too simple and to others it may sound a little too difficult.

When thousands of people get together in one place the police and the mayors start talking about potential violence and they respond by creating barriers between the demonstrators and the people who need to be reached. They keep the press away. The press stays away.

We are diverse people scattered all over the country and the planet. We live in different places and traveling to a mass demonstration only to be corralled into pens seems an expensive and lackluster endeavor.

I propose that we demonstrate locally simultaneously every week. I propose we make a sign and go to the busiest intersection in our own areas and stand there for four hours. I am suggesting Saturdays from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon local time. I think this can be done by one individual. I think groups of two or three should be encouraged. If the group gets larger than that I think another corner should be found and then there are two groups.

People go out on Saturdays to go shopping and get their business done. They will see us. If they see us in several places they will start to notice. If they start to notice they will start to think and some may decide to join us.

This is as grass roots as it gets.

It is simple and straight forward. It is legal in most places as long as you do not block the sidewalk and you are on public property. Taking along a snack and something to drink is advisable and sun block is an absolute must. If you are committed enough to do this in the rain wrap your sign in plastic wrap and take rain gear.

If I am correct and as many people as I think are opposed to this nonsense as much as we are we will be joined. We will have an impact. A huge demonstration in DC is far removed. A protester on the corner down the street is real.

Be prepared to talk to people both friendly and unfriendly. Try to stay out of arguments and do not react to hecklers.

Give me your thoughts, please.

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