Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Truth Behind "Truthiness"

On Saturday night Steven Colbert spoke to the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Well, not so much spoke as roared. He stripped Bush of his false charisma and his deluded notions of self worth. George W. Bush walked into the hall as the Commander in Chief and slunk out the door as a scolded spoiled brat.

The press did not fare any better. In fact it would seem that the Corporate Media is as irritated at Colbert’s veracity as Bush is.

After celebrating for three days over this amazing tour de force it is time to look at what this really means.

Steven has thrown down the gauntlet. Not to Bush or the press. He has flatly stated to each and every one of us that the time has come. Time to stop waiting around until someone comes up with a plan of action. Time to stop excusing ourselves because we think the time is not, “right.”

It is time to follow in Steven Colbert’s footsteps and find coherent ways to speak the truth to an audience that feigns deafness.

We are all not comedians. None the less we see the truth. There are millions of ways to voice the truth. Letters, blogs, protests and art are just a few. The truth, unlike “truthiness” is felt not only in our guts but in our heads and our hearts.

Use you heads. Follow your hearts. And get some guts.

Speak out now! Defend your country and the principals it was founded on. It is not too late. It is never too late.

Steven Colbert has shown us by example that it can be done. Let’s build on this inspiration. Let us in turn inspire him and each other!

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