Friday, May 19, 2006


My heart is heavy today. After reading this, I wonder how many soldiers are coming home suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I wonder how many will ever actually be able to return to some kind of "normal" life. Will they ever recover? I cry when I think of the damage this senseless, needless war has caused. Not only to our troops, but to the Iraqi troops, the Iraqi citizens, and to the families of all of them. I cry when I think of the personal pain and suffering PTSD brings. I cry when I think of the wives, Mothers, Fathers, sisters, brothers, children, friends.....who will never have any way of knowing or truly understanding what a guy like Blake Miller is going through. I cry when I think of the Iraqi children who suffer in silence. Can you imagine how many of them suffer from PTSD? Children who have seen war first hand.....and will have to live with those visions the rest of their lives. 2,453 U.S. soldiers dead, 17,648 wounded....and how many suffering in silence???

Blake's Story

My friend Xoites is without a doubt, 100% correct. It's time to make a sign and take it to the street corners all over the country. It's time to stand up, even if it be alone to start with, and demand we stop all the death, maiming and destruction of life. Go out this week and support the troops. Support the innocent children and citizens of Iraq. Support the families and friends of our troops, who live with the heartbreak of not being able to do anything to stop the PTSD that their loved ones suffer from. Do it for the U.S. soldiers who have died, who have lost limbs, who have lost their eyesight, who have brain injuries. Do it peacefully and with dignity. Just do it!!!

QuestionGirl was kind enough to write something for me today. Please check out her website, it is very good.

Torture Awareness Month
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