Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Stubborn Protesters Attempt Port Blockade

Protesters in Olympia Washington have been battling with Police who have been using Pepper Spray in an attempt to disperse them. The demonstrators have been attempting to stop the shipment of Styker Armored Vehicles from being shipped to Iraq. At least 22 have been arrested in Protests that began Monday night and continued into at least Wednesday morning.

The Seattle Times had this to say:

OLYMPIA – Dozens of people protesting Iraq-bound military shipments were blasted with pepper spray and 22 people were arrested in continuing war protests at the Port of Olympia.

The Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace has a website that said this:

Olympia Resists Port Militarization On Monday, May 22, the US Army began a massive transport of Stryker vehicles and other war equipment to the Port of Olympia for shipment to Iraq, in advance of the re-deployment to Iraq of the Styker 3rd Brigade. 2006: Olympia Resists Militarization of Our Port We have opposed militarization of our port for two years by direct appeal to the Port Commission and City Council; by writing articles, Op-Eds and letters to the editor; and by holding educational forums, vigils and marches. Our elected officials are not listening. "The weapons shipments, and the use of our public property to prolong and supply the war in Iraq have made us complicit in crimes against humanity. We refuse to be complicit any longer. We will continue to utilize every available instrument of democracy, including direct action and disruption when necessary."--OMJP Press Release, 25 May 2006.

I would like to laud their efforts in the struggle to stand in the way of war and urge everyone to send them words of encouragement.

Contacts The Olympia Movement for Justice & Peace Olympia, WA 360-867-6513

Above: A police escort of Stryker Armored Vehicles is stranded by continuing protests.

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