Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Revolution Needs Our Vigilance

Here in the United States we are often put in the difficult position of seeing the abuses of our government in abstract terms. We all know that rape occurs in our prisons for instance (late night talk show comedians joke about it all the time) but it is never presented to us in tangible terms. We all know that we staged a coup in Haiti on February 29, 2004. Our soldiers simply showed up at the President’s residence in a helicopter and told him the opposition was coming and he had better leave. They flew him to a hide away in central Africa and kept him away from the press until his ouster was official. Hugo Chavez was briefly detained and was going to be whisked out of the country on an American registered airplane until the loyal members of his army put a stop to that and followed the Venezuelan Constitution instead of the misinformation orchestrated by the CIA and broadcast by the opposition media in his country.

Hugo Chavez is dangerous to the moneyed interests in Venezuela and especially in the United States. Why? Because he wants the people, especially the poor people in his country to benefit from its natural recourses; primarily oil. This is inherently anathema to Oligarchy which is the primary export of the US. We did exactly the same thing in Iran in 1953 and Chile in 1973; and for exactly the same reasons. This time the CIA and the State Department did not get away with it. I expect they will try again.

That is why it is very important to watch a documentary that was in the middle of being made about Hugo Chavez when the coup of April 12, 2002 occurred. Not only is it important to watch it and understand why the coup occurred but why it failed. Please share this movie with as many people as you can. Hugo Chavez needs our protection and support. Only a deeper understanding of what he is trying to do and what our government is trying to do to him will protect him. A deeper understanding of what is going on and may be going on will help us understand what is happening here in our own country.

I invite people to post further information for all of us to read or view in the comments section so we may all learn more.

The movie is called The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and can be seen on Nate’s site at GetInTheirFace where I encourage people to comment as well. If it is slow downloading you can also get it HERE.

In the above photo Hugo Chavez talks to a flood victim nursing her child.

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