Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Can We Build an Online Community?

Among the people who have bothered to comment here and Nate and myself I think we have all the talent we need to create a dynamic website full of information and video clips that allows for arguments and dissent.

We have people with technical know how and people who seem to be able to find just about anything of interest in the way of information and/or humor on the web.

I suggest we try to do this.

Anyone with an existing blog (myself included) could simply have anyone who accesses their blog redirected to our new site.

Those of us who create it would be allowed to post on it and as a group decide who could join later. I propose a site that allows full frontal conversation. Comment as you will and take the heat. If there is a way to keep people honest by disallowing anonymous postings (meaning no “Anonymous” signatures) so much the better. I could live with that. Anonymous postings do have their place and I would not reject them out of hand.

We are a strong if loosely connected community, I think we would be wise to consider this.

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