Monday, July 31, 2006

The Next Step in the War on Dissent

The word is that the White House has drafted something they want to put through Congress that will allow them to arrest and detain people without charges. It will allow them to take people to trial using hearsay evidence. It will also allow them to try defendants without the defendants being allowed in the court room to hear the evidence against them.

Right now I do not think they have the credibility or support to even introduce this in Congress but it looks like they are readying themselves for the opportunity to present itself.

To me, it is very tiresome to hear people say that the only purpose, the main purpose of our government, is to protect its citizens. First of all this country does not do that. It never has.

We send young men and recently young women off to die by the thousands to protect the economic interests of major corporations. From Dole Pineapple to Mobil Oil. We have never shied away from sending in the Marines.

Suggest mass transit as an alternative to congested highways and you might as well whistle Dixie. You want Universal Health Care? Forget it.

How can we afford these expensive things when there is a war on? There is always a war on. All my life and all your life.

We are about to be shown another reason to give up our rights. We do not yet know what it will be. Be assured it is coming whether our government is planning it, allowing it to happen or is clueless. When it happens look for this legislation to hit the floor of the house and the Senate.

Look me up if you end up in my cell block.

Torture Awareness Month
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