Sunday, July 30, 2006

Drug Dealers A Step Up

In Baltimore on the streets where they sell the drugs and they fight for and maintain territory people are killed. Sometimes a member of one gang will kill a member of another gang. Sometimes a witness to a murder who may or may not testify in court is silenced permanently. Gun battles between warring factions have killed innocent men women and children who just happened to get into the line of fire. Arrested drug sellers are often turned snitch and often soon after turn up dead. The drug money corrupts cops and judges and politicians. The Prison Industrial Complex thrives on illegal drugs. We all know this. It is in the papers. It is well documented.

But neither the drug dealers nor the cops and not even the politicians go in for wholesale slaughter.

The same can not be said for Israel or the United States. What is happening in Lebanon is desired by the President. He wants a desert he can call “a peaceful oasis.” Well, if he has not figured it out yet he is going to have to kill every last Arab and every last Muslim on the planet to achieve the kind of “peace” he is looking for. It will never happen.
The perpetrators of war from the Pentagon to the arms dealers to the oil companies to the Rapture Lunatics all have one thing in common: When they look up the moral ladder they can see that they are several rungs down from the drug dealers in the housing projects in Baltimore. Everything the rest of us do keeps these people in power.

Torture Awareness Month
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