Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Was 9/11 Worse Than This?

During the War in Vietnam the United States tested a lot of new weapons. Agent Orange was one of them. The lasting affects were not know at the time or, if they were, that knowledge was kept secret. The immediate affects were well known and that was defoliation. The argument was if we remove the jungle then the Viet Cong have nowhere to hide. The logic soon collapses when you try to understand exactly what the alleged purpose of the war was. You can’t really defoliate a country if your intention is to save it. Was that really our intention? I have my doubts. Vietnam became a training ground for CIA “Black Ops”, weapons systems, and political theories.

A new documentary on Italian Television in Iraq is asking, “Is the US using experimental weapons in Iraq?” The documentary, Star Wars in Iraq is worth a look. There are claims that we are using both lasers and microwave weapons, one witness says a laser turned a bus into a wet dishrag the size of a Volkswagen.

Speaking of weapons, Israel is being accused of using both white phosphorous and cluster bombs in Lebanon, both of which are illegal. They are also targeting bomb shelters with high penetration bombs. It is being reported by doctors in Lebanon that fully 30% of those who are being wounded are dying.

Condoleezza Rice is braying that she wants a “New Middle East.” We certainly need one; the one we have been kicking around is broken. The arrogance of this statement can’t be overstated. Since coming into power in 2001 this administration has not spent one calorie on trying to achieve peace in the Middle East.

The world is sitting by while the Corporate Media couches the conflict in terms so one sided as to be laughable. Please see the excellent movie on Nate’s site: Get In Their Face; that covers how our Congress and White House appear to be an Occupied Territory of Israel.

The Domino Theory in Southeast Asia that justified the War in Vietnam, as twisted as it was has been further twisted. Today the dominos are falling, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, and Lebanon with the possibility of Syria and Iran later this year.

I do not support the violence perpetrated by Hezbollah but anyone who thinks Israel’s attacks on a largely innocent civilian population is justified is morally bankrupt. In Iraq 100 civilians a day are being killed. In one way that is the equivalent of twelve 9/11’s a year; except that after the towers collapsed we got a breather.

This is a very obscene way to go about achieving peace in the Middle East. The only logical and moral conclusion is that peace is not the administration’s goal.

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