Monday, August 07, 2006


Today I lost my boss. He died in a motorcycle accident. I have other bosses and I have bosses who are closer to me than this boss was. But, today I lost my boss. He was a good man. He had a family who survives him. No, he has two families who survive him. His wife and kids who loved him dearly and his family at work who loved him dearly. He was a serious hard working man who looked out for the people he worked with. He cared. Although I have only worked at the company I now work for a very short time I found out very quickly that he cared about me. This is a rare and beautiful thing in the business world. What is even more rare is to know that all my other bosses care about me as well. I care about them too. How often do you hear that?

Today I lost a new friend even before I got to know how precious he was.

I don’t take that lightly.

The people I work with are devastated. I can’t blame them. We will come together and celebrate his life and mourn his death.

Pat had more of an impact on people than he knew.

All of us know.

We will not forget him.

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