Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Anger on the Left

There is a lot of anger in this country. This is not a recent phenomenon. This has been one pissed off country all of my life. When I was a kid we were pissed off at the Russians, the Red Chinese, the Niggers, the Wops, the Jews, the Irish and the Labor Unions and the Boss and the Whites (not so much) and the five day work week.

If Oswald acted alone and was not framed then he must have been pretty pissed off at Kennedy. The killers at Columbine High must have been pissed off. The KKK stays pissed off.

Today Ann Coulter is pissed off with anyone left of Adolf Hitler and Ralph Nader is pissed off with Congress. (Ok, I am pissed with Congress too.)

So what do we do with this anger? On more than one occasion I have seen people on blogs say they want to kill all the fascists. Well maybe not all but at least enough to “make a difference.” Some of this I take with a grain of salt. But no more.

Folks, we can not kill people. Period. It is wrong. Not only will it attract a lot of people with badges and Glocks but it is morally and ethically indefensible. A small minority seem to be suggesting that if we are not willing to kill some people that the United States is in deep peril. Well, the United States is in deep peril but no amount of killing is going to rescue it.

If your will to change the world can not transcend the idea of killing or destroying then your imagination and your morals are not worth a hill of beans. NOT WORTH SHIT!

Let me be very clear about this. If you can not see that killing people or destroying things is a bad idea you are functionally retarded. You have no reason to read what I think or comment on this page(although you will still be welcome to.) There is no hope for the human race as long as we, as a species can not see that these “solutions” do not wash.

Yes! The world is in deep shit right now and our President is a self centered greedy bastard who has no legitimate right to do 99% of the things that he does. That does not excuse our acts and does not allow us to cut and run to the gun.

What the world desperately needs is people who are pissed off enough to reach for a gun to refuse to do so and turn their anger and frustrated energies towards a more difficult task: Using their creative talents for real solutions.

This page was set up for discussing creative responses to the Bush Administration and so far it has not gone very far. I have babbled about a lot of things and some of you have made comments, but its true purpose seems to have been lost. Folks you need to start responding or I am afraid it may come down to some really pissed off people killing and getting killed while we stand by and do just about nothing.

How about it folks? Can we start a real dialogue about what we need to do to get the media and the Congress pointed in the right direction again? Or are we going to start reading articles in the paper about local “Terrorists” dying in shootouts?

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