Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One Year Later

I lot of pretty speeches are being made on the anniversary of Katrina. A lot of ugly facts are being left out. They are still recovering bodies. There are still 1300 people missing. The 9th Ward, where all the black people used to live still has no water or electricity. Houses that have been destroyed are still waiting to be cleared. Public Housing that was not damaged at all has had steel shutters put on the doors and windows so the people who lived there may not return. The billions of dollars that were spent seem to have had little real affect. None of this seems to stop the platitudes and the false posturing that is going on.

I wish I could have seen Bush’s reaction when Karl Rove informed him he would have to go back to New Orleans and smooth over, as best he could, the disaster that followed the storm and still continues today. The end of August will haunt Bush for the rest of his term. I hope it continues to haunt him afterward.

Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! has done some fine coverage.







I invite everyone to add their own stories about New Orleans and to add any links they find in the “comments” section.

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