Thursday, March 22, 2007

Truth Serum Talk Show Host

“Hi, and welcome to my show. My name is very important to me and I want you to know it. That is why I will repeat it often as the show goes forward.

“My job here tonight is to misinform you. I will repeat things that are untrue as often as I can and when you get tired of that I will bring on “experts” who will say these things for me. The last thing I ever want you to do is have all the facts so you can make an informed decision. What I will do, however is bring on as many people who I can who are either convinced they are correct but are not or who know they are lying and are very, very good at lying so that they can bring you up to date on the latest misinformation available to you, the consumer.

“We will also have special guests on who will not only lie but also vilify. They will make things up about those who oppose our agenda and smear them or ask you to kill them.

“We will pretend to be a news show but in fact what we really are is a mouthpiece for strata of corporations whose profit margins and, yes, whose very existence relies on you believing that the status quo is in your best interests even though it is not.

“Occasionally we will have special reports on the War on Terror, especially about the war in Iraq from reporters in New York and Washington who will tell you what the administration said today. They will also point out that the reporters in Baghdad are very biased in their reporting and should go outside and have a cup of coffee at one of the nice cafes in Baghdad and tell people once and for all how well things are going.

“Finally, we will, from time to time, report that a convicted Republican is a Democrat or that a leading Terrorist’s name is the exact same name as a leading Democrat.

“We will do this because we care. Not about you. This is not about you. We will do this because it serves our best interests and the interests of our corporate handlers.

“If what we say and do on this show makes your eyes glaze over then we feel we have accomplished our goals.”

Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Web Site Let's Us Track Congress

Finally a website that will allow us to see what congress is up to. This site allows you to track a bill from begining to end. You can ask to be notified of each and every change made to the bill and by whom. You can track what individual members of congress are working on as well as commitees. It also tracks blogs commenting on bills and Congress People. This is an unpreceidented tool that should be used by all of us so we can become more informed and stop horrible laws from being passed.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Walmart Takes Cue From Bush Doctrine

While reading and posting comments on Crooks and Liars just five minutes ago Paul posted this personal experience which makes me want to run out and slap something.

"Where do disgraced politicians go? They go to work for Wal-Mart! So let me tell you what happened to me today after passing the beautiful flower arrangements at the front entrance to Wal-Mart. After admiring the fresh flowers at a great price I walked to the back of the store with a cart to the beer & wine section. I grabbed a 12 pack and two bottles of wine, one red and one white. Now to the check out counter where I lay the items on the conveyor. Now for my surpise; I'm 55 years old. The check-out girl who is young enough to be my daughter asks to see my drivers liscense. "What?" I exclaim. "Are you joking?" No she says. It is a new policy implemented by Wal-Mart that everyone purchasing any liquor must present a valid I.D. or DL. Incredulous, I shake my head while presenting my liscense through the clear plastic holder in my wallet. She states that I must remove it and hand it to her. Unbelievable, but I did so not realizing what she was about to do. When she took the DL she didn't even look at it but instead swiped it through a card reader! What a fucking outrage! I never gave her permission to gather my personal information magnetically stored on my DL! I let her have it with "both barrels" in a tirade that brought consideable attention from those standing close by. I emphatically stated that she had no right to do that and the people standing next to me whole-heartedly agreed. I demanded the store manager's presence immediately whereupon I let her have it as well. Her pitiful excuse was that it was a new policy handed down from on high at Bentonville Corporate. What a crock of shit. I am not the only one outraged at this latest slap in the face from large corporate and government entities gathering private information about people. The FBI spies on us, traffic signals take our pictures, RFID devices in merchandise track our movements and purchases as well as credit card companies tracking and cataloging our purchases and travels. God help the people who will inhabit this Earth a 100 years from now.Paul in Galveston 03.09.07 - 9:56 pm # "
Hasty had this to say and i have a hard time disagreeing.
"Fuck Wal-Mart. Fuck Tom "the Hammer" DeLay. Fuck W. Fuck this whole shitty ass country and everything that's wrong with it. It's not even worth fighting for. We're all slaves of bankers who just watch as their bank accounts grow and sit back as they suck the lifeblood and every penny we ever earned or will ever make right out of us. America the skank! And Demoshits aren't saving us from anything. They're too afraid to lose their jobs to make a real stand.Fuck the FBI. Fuck the IRS. Fuck the NSA. Fuck the USA Patriot Act. Fuck the troops too. Fucking idiots. If you follow orders from criminals YOU ARE A CRIMINAL! Fuck Dickhead Cheney. Fuck the stupid right wing spin machine. Fuck Kaiser Permanente. Fuck McDonalds. Fuck our friends at Merck who can't wait to kill you. Fuck your lawyer. Fuck your dentist. Fuck your doctor. Especially fuck the police. Who the fuck is protecting us from the fucking pig cops? Fuck the cheap shit we buy from China. Fuck the stupid idiots that can't think their way out of a paper bag. And fuck the Cowboys. America's team my ass.We aren't a nation. We ARE a fascist corporation. Nothing more and maybe MUCH less.Hasty 03.09.07 - 10:27 pm # "

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