Sunday, April 15, 2007


Of all the hateful things i have heard coming out of the mouths of TV and Radio "personalities" in the last decade what Imus said was rather low on the list. It may well be who his target was, highly competative and gifted athletes and students, more than what he said. I speak from ignorance about his past because i never watched or listened to him so i do not see the pattern that others have told me they see.

When Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh say horrible things about Democrats apparently the anger is not universal as it was in this case. That is what bothers me the most. What they say is far far worse but they are protected because so many of their listeners tacitly agree and are happy someone is saying it for them so they don't have to.
Evil is perpetrated and perpetuated by cowards who hide behind the hate speech of others.
Perhaps this will never change, but getting people who spew hate out of the mainstream of our political and social discourse is paramount to getting back to a healthy society.

Removing Imus is like changing a flat tire on a car with a siezed engine.

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