Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Encyclopedia of Life Launched (Update)

I may not be a scientist, but I am a living organism on Earth. Today the Encylopedia of Life was launched. It promises to make the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy blush over its short commings.

Just Monday I picked up a January 2007 edition of National Geographic in a waiting room. They had fold out photographs of the Amazon Rain Forest. All I saw were vast wheat fields. We are in trouble. Perhaps this project will help us to catalouge what we have before it is lost, interest people in preserving what we have and wake us up to the danger our planet faces not just from global warming but from human expansion and developement.

We are very busy wasting our resources and energy as a species trying to smite our enemies. Meanwhile the vessel preserving our continuing existence is under assault. Even most viruses have adapted to the level of not killing their hosts. Can we?

Here is their press release:

Here is an introductory movie that is two minute long about their project:

Here is E. O. Wilson who came up with this idea originally speaking at a TED conference:

TED is an amazing place with video dissertations by top scientists, activists and visionaries who have made a difference. Please check out their videos and open your mind up to the possibilities of our potential.
NPR interviewed E. O. Wislon today about the Encyclopedia of Life and promises it will be up by 7:30 pm (eastern time) here:

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