Friday, March 17, 2006

Back at the helm...

Aloha everyone

I'm sorry for taking two days away. Personal stuff made it unavoidable. I'm back at my computer now. I had a chance to read a few emails and I'm sorry for being out of touch via email. That won't be the case for much longer hopefully.

So much to continue reading through and so much of my own info and info gathering and brainstorming to bring up. I'm going to get settled in. Read for a while and then start laying out a big post tonight. I have all weekend to put many hour into this.

I managed to get an HTML-ready front page set up on Much more work to do on it as well. Don't worry if you don't like the layout. I'll be changing it. I just needed to set up and make sure it could stream appropriately etc.

By the end of this month I want it to be a great resources center. Links, resource page, contact info, mission statement, project details, action plan, affiliate organizations, schedule of events, etc... etc...

My green screen arrived and this weekend I'll have produced a much better first-broadcast. I'd like to use it to lay out several details and specifics and how people can help/get involved. Soon as the site is more set up and we have a great video to define the ideas we've come up with, we can start broadcasting it everywhere.

Also, I have some great ideas about how to use May 1st together with a yet un-decided date in June to launch the hottest summer of action ever. We can be ready for a targeted and specific day on May 1st that we can condense and make very potent and that can be a an ignition/tipping point for launching the Summer in June and blazing through to 07' and a change in National direction in whatever form we can bring it.

I can't wait to get back in the saddle and I'll be getting back to each of you soon. I'll also lay out a little more information about my personal stuff so everyone can help me pick up some of the slack on what I have time for while still needing to work to keep the bills paid and all

Talk to you very soon,


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