Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Aloha everyone.

My apologies for not completing what I set out to today. But events forced me to postpone. Senator Inouye's beautfiul wife Margaret passed away at 81 years of age this morning. An amazing woman beyond compliments in words. My deepest condolences to Dan and the whole Inouye family.

Some of you many know that Sen. Inouye gave his arm while serving in World War II where he won the Congressional Medal of Honor serving in the 442nd Regiment . Believe me when I tell you that Senator Inouye's wife Margaret has spent 60 years by his side, no less committed to justice and democracy. Send an note of well wishes if you have a moment to honor a woman who embodied an honorable life.

On to our mission...

Although I was unable to do any production today, I thought about this endlessly. It's almost 3am so I'm not going to produce a big post here but I wanted to lay out some major key ideas and starting points and let's set a timeline. I spoke to many smart people today, many with deep experience in this kind of 'event mobilization' and everyone likes the idea. As my instincts first told me, they're experience and advice bore out today. Most specifically in terms of timeline.

I know everyone is gung-ho to fire this off in May. The first of May no less which means we have to mobilize an entire Nation if not a planet in 5 weeks. Now I'm the biggest kind of optimist folks. But I'm also a realist. This is just not possible without a major national coverage event and that's like predicting lightning strike. I do believe we can do this in about 75 days though. This puts us at the beginning of June.

This has huge additional advantages in terms of the release of College campuses and High School Sr.'s and a summer of time to fill up with idealism and impressing liberal women with their commitment to social justice. I want this National Strike Day to kick off a Summer of Discontent. Let it be the first major action day in a long summer of action. Think "Summer of Love" in 67' and the "Summer of Fire" in 69'. Think Watergate Summer.

This timeline gives a realistic groundswell timeframe. Events like this pick up speed in exponential curves that start slow and build steady... Then they hit a catalyst point. An event horizon and begin to accelerate with their own unstopable momentum and then they take a life all their own.

If we can get together about 30 of us and between all of us generate an action list/plan. Let's focus on no more than 10-20 "action" events people can organize. Strike and pickett. Sick-day out... Cut day... Phone campaign... Freeway Blogging... Traffic sign waving... Organized protest of campaign HQ's... Leafletting... Giant fax attact to Congress... Whatever...

Get them all written down and a general consensus on where we should focus. Pull together supporting links for each one and get them organized. Word document format is fine and send them to me and I'll compile them. Let's get an email/contact list established. Let's organize a conference call or large-web chat.

If you guys can get active and get this stuff to me by this weeks' end, then here's what I can do...

Get it all compiled and then build a comprehensive website complete with Flash animation, video, Podcast etc. established on www.JuneRevolution.com and organize all activities and interaction on this blog.

I'll get anyone here in this tight group who wants it set up with the ability to remotely post blog entries here. Not just comment. I'll get a very professional video broadcast completed as an introduction to this product, host it here and on the main site and generate the code and host it for any other blog that might want to stream it like a C&L etc... And I'll have all of that done before April. Then starts about a 70 day countdown to build it out... Organize... Recruit... Grow... Gain Speed.

From beginning of April I'll be able to roll out Weekly News Broadcasts for complete updates to the project. I can organize a large scale growing email list for regular email broadcasts, alerts and updates.

Then we just have to start getting the word out. Organizing geo-pockets and interest areas. Getting blogs and organizations involved. Once we get some momentum I have some media resources I can get to pick it up but I want to focus it on the blogs. This needs to be a net fire.

If we do this right, it will range into the tens of thousands if not hundreds... It will be so uniquely organized and so dispersed in effect and initiative, it will be impossible to deny. If we can peak it to a crescendo leading up to the kick off date. You all decide best date-you know my desire to have the proper time to do this right. I say early June. We find the day and we explode into a collosal summer where people remember what it means to be We The People!

Grandmothers... Veterans-turned-Hells Angels... College Activists... Religous Leaders... All ages, races, creded, types taking action side by side!

I'll have more tomorrow afternoon my time. Go to work. Write ideas. Organize your thoughts. Report back! :-)

By the way... Can anyone get me a Gmail account invite? I want an offsite account server to receive big video/graphics files

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