Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Hope You Voted

I just returned from voting. While standing in line behind two people who were checking in I just stopped for a moment and took in the scene. There were all kinds of people voting and all kinds of people judging. It struck me perhaps for the first time that this simple act is very precious. We have taken it for granted far too long. I know I have. Until the debacle in 2000 I had not thought enough about how serious it is. I think people are taking it very seriously now. Turnout is high in Maryland and the interest in seeing to it that it is fair bodes well.

The dirty tricks popped up today. Mailboxes in Baltimore had fake sample ballots listing the Republicans as Democrats. In Alexandria, Virginia Jim Webb’s name was reported to be lengthened to “James H. Webb” but showed up on the computer screens as “James H.” Democracy truncated.

I am sure after I post this I will find out about more dirty tricks. They happen every year. We can no longer feel secure about the official results of an election but perhaps in our history we never had a right to. Those people who feel the least secure are often more secure than those who have a false sense of security.

I want to thank everyone who voted. I want to thank every judge. I want to thank everyone who is concerned about the process.

I hope with all my heart that the Republicans lose the House and the Senate.

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